The story of women in football in many places is characterized mainly by one aspect – by its invisibility.  

Football Her.Story is the first attempt to explore the history of female fan culture and follow the path of women in football in Europe from past to present in an exhibition format, guided by the following questions:  

When and in which context did women appear in football history for the first time?

From what time on could women take part in the game as actual football players? Where there any restrictions and if so, why and how did women stand up against them? Has there been or is there maybe still a connection with corresponding developments in wider society?

From what point of time on have female fans started to get organised and to become an active part in fan movements?  

In which way have and are women in football portrayed by the media industry and is there any truth in the notion that women inside stadia are contributing to a more peaceful atmosphere and to the prevention of violence?

What does the status of women in professional football look like to date?

So many questions… And evidence in itself how little knowledge there is on this issue at European level. This is why we got in touch with scientiests and organisations in a number of countries across Europe who are helping us with our research in the field!

In particular, we would like to extend a special thanks to the following experts:  

Femix Sports, France

Nicole Selmer, Germany

Dr. Radoslaw Kossakowski, Poland

Olaojo Aiyegbayo, UK

Dr Carrie Dunn, UK

Dr Stacey Pope, UK