Tour-Flyer der Fan.Tastic Females auf grauem Beton mit den Projektlogos und dem Text mittig in weißer Schrift

The exhibition in Dresden is hosted by Fanprojekt Dresden.


Heidestrasse 2
01127 Dresden

OPENING HOURS: daily from 14.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs



19.00 hrs


Opening remarks and presentation by Antje Hagel on F_in Network Women in Football and on the creation of the exhibition Fan.Tastic Females

Movie Premiere „Fan.Tastic Females Dresden – Dynamic Women“
(in German)


19.00 hrs

Open Meeting of the Organising Team for the organisation of a girls and womens‘ football tournament for non-league teams.

As the team from the 1st Dresden Kickerinnen* Cup, we are to hold one of our plenums at the venue. Before that, we will view the exhibition. It is agreed with the fan project. People from the fan project interested in our event might join us there. It is going to be smashing!

It is about time for a girls and womens‘ football tournament in Dresden that is feminist, anti-racist, inclusive and non-commercial. A tournament open to people without footballing experience but also to those playing in their freetime or formerly as pros. Because kicking the ball is for everyone!

You have ideas and fancy to contribute to the planning, media work or the on-site organisation of such a tournament according to your capacities? Are you merely interested in finding out more? You want to tell others? You have ideas for a (political) programme alongside the event? In this case, come along and join the meeting!

You want to contribute but you are not available on Wednesday, 18 hrs?
in this case just send us an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


19.00 hrs

ULTRAS GIRL – 40 years of female ultras

Lecture on the beginnings of female ultras in Italy by Linda Borowski

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