The exhibition in Cottbus is organized by the Fanprojekt Cottbus, in coperation with Mädchen in Aktion Cottbus and F_in Frauen im Fußball network



Kickerstube / Fanprojekt Cottbus

Mauerstraße 7

03046 Cottbus



Monday to Friday 13.00 - 18.00, weekends and public holidays: 15.00 - 18.00


Thursday, 14/04/2022, 3.00 p.m. at Fanprojekt Cottbus
Opening of the "Fan.Tastic Females - Football Her.Story" exhibition

After a short greeting by Katrin Schloßhauer (Managing Director of Jugendhilfe Cottbus e.V.), the exhibition will speak for itself:
In addition to the history and presence of women in football, there are "...portraits of female fans and fan culture from 20 European countries and even a few beyond - from the female ultra to the women's fan club to the all-rounder, from the head of the supervisory board to the female player to the oldest season ticket holder in her country..." to be watched at. 


Friday, 22/04/2022, 19.00 at Fanprojekt Cottbus
Talk & Discussion with Ines Schnell

Ines Schnell is not only active in the First Vienna FC 1894 fan scene, she is also part of the fan advisory board of her heart's club and is also involved in the "F_in - Women in Football" network. This has made her herself one of the women portrayed in the "Fan.tastic Females" exhibition. Ines Schnell talks exclusively about great experiences from her world of football, what special experiences she has had as a female fan, what motivates her to get involved in her network, but also what challenges there are to overcome in usually male-dominated scenes.


Wednesday, 27/04/2022, 19.00 at Fanprojekt Cottbus 
Livestream "Girlspower in Work and Sport

The livestream of the project "Girls in Action Cottbus" will be broadcast this time from the Fan Project. The specual guest will be announced in advance via social media.


Friday, 29/04/2022, 20.00 - Fan Project Cottbus 
"Kick It Like Beckham" - Cinema Evening & Talk

"Jess is 17, Indian and lives in England. Her tradition-conscious parents have a pretty clear idea of what they want their daughter to become one day: a lawyer and a good wife. Jess, however, has other plans: she wants to play football. She secretly kicks around with the boys in the park. One day she meets Jules, who persuades her to join her girls' football club. Jess is thrilled and from then on plays on the women's football team. But in the middle of her sister's turbulent wedding preparations, Jess's double life comes to light. Her arch-conservative father is horrified. And then there's coach Joe, who really turns the girls' heads..." (Source: BJF)


During the entire exhibition period, registrations of closed groups such as sports teams, school classes and other groups are possible in the morning. Individual topics can be discussed more intensively with the staff of the fan project. Please send your enquiries by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..